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Aug 3, 2023


Welcome to Jonesboro Sewing & Vacuum, your trusted source for all your textile needs. In this page, we present the highly reliable and efficient 2511293 Manitowoc Probe Water Level Sensor. Diving into the details, we'll explore its features, benefits, and how it can streamline your business operations.

The Importance of Water Level Sensors

Water level sensors are indispensable tools in various industries, providing accurate measurements and ensuring optimal performance. Within the textile industry, maintaining the correct water levels is crucial for efficient fabric dyeing, washing, and finishing processes.

About the 2511293 Manitowoc Probe Water Level Sensor

The 2511293 Manitowoc Probe Water Level Sensor is a top-of-the-line solution for monitoring water levels in textile machinery. Its advanced features and precise measurements make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable performance and improved efficiency.

Key Features

  • Premium Quality: Manufactured using high-grade materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Precision Engineering: Designed with accuracy in mind, delivering precise water level measurements.
  • Easy Installation: Simple and quick installation process, allowing for seamless integration into existing systems.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive interface for easy operation and monitoring.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Provides live and up-to-date water level data, enabling prompt adjustments.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of textile machinery, ensuring versatility and flexibility.

Benefits of the 2511293 Manitowoc Probe Water Level Sensor

Investing in the 2511293 Manitowoc Probe Water Level Sensor offers numerous advantages for businesses within the textiles industry:

Enhanced Efficiency

With precise water level measurements, you can optimize your fabric dyeing, washing, and finishing processes, reducing water and energy waste while maximizing throughput.

Improved Product Quality

Accurate water level control ensures consistent results, reducing the risk of uneven dyeing or insufficient washing, leading to high-quality products that meet customer expectations.

Reliable Performance

The robust construction and advanced technology of the 2511293 Manitowoc Probe Water Level Sensor guarantee reliable performance, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Cost Savings

By accurately measuring water levels, you can optimize water usage, reducing wastage and lowering your utility bills. Additionally, improved efficiency and productivity lead to overall cost savings.


The 2511293 Manitowoc Probe Water Level Sensor finds applications across various segments of the textile industry, including:

Fabric Dyeing

Controlling water levels is critical in achieving consistent and vibrant fabric dyeing. This water level sensor ensures precise measurements, enhancing the dyeing process and resulting in superior colorfastness.

Washing Machines

For textile businesses with washing machines, maintaining the correct water level is essential for effective cleaning. This sensor enables accurate monitoring, guaranteeing optimum washing performance.

Finishing Machines

In the textile finishing stage, water levels play a vital role in achieving the desired texture, softness, and appearance. The 2511293 Manitowoc Probe Water Level Sensor ensures precise water control, enhancing the overall finishing process.


Experience the exceptional performance of the 2511293 Manitowoc Probe Water Level Sensor from Jonesboro Sewing & Vacuum. With its advanced features, reliable measurements, and numerous benefits, this water level sensor is the ideal solution for businesses in the textile industry. Ensure optimum efficiency, improved product quality, and cost savings with this high-end water level sensor. Contact us today to learn more about how this sensor can revolutionize your textile operations.

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